Linux/Mac OS X/BSD

Development Version

1. Check out the stargus module from SVN.

svn co stargus


2. Now you need to get Stratagus source. Currently, Stargus requires the latest version from SVN.

svn co stratagus


3. Compile Stratagus by typing the following. Visit the Stratagus install page for more information.

cd stratagus
./ && ./configure && make


4. Now we can extract the Starcraft data from the orginal CD. You can do this by compiling and using the startool utility.

cd stargus
./startool /path/to/starcraft_cd


5. Copy over the scripts and the fog.png file.

cp -r scripts
cp contrib/fog.png


After you have done this, Stargus is ready to play. Read the features page to see what currently does and doesn't work.

cd stratagus
./stratagus -d ../stargus/